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Want something completely unique, bespoke and memorable?

Tom’s Salty Shack was created on the beautiful Island of Mersea. 

Specialising in only the finest ethically sourced seafood, our bespoke pop-up restaurant gives the unique opportunity for special guests to watch world-class chef, Tom Haward, create some of the most high-end seafood dishes in the UK. Tom and his Shack can be yours! 
About Tom

Who We Are:

We really believe in serving the best seafood that this country has to offer. We take pride in choosing the most top-notch, ethically sourced food available, and have worked hard to ensure we know exactly where our seafood has come from.
From our food, to our aprons, and to our eco-friendly palm leaf plates, we aspire to be completely ethical and organic in all that we do. Our food, service, shack and Tom Haward himself effuse the highest quality. 
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