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Since he and his twin brother were adopted as babies by Richard and Heather Haward, Tom has been raised with the sea in his blood and salt air in his lungs on the UK's most easterly island - Mersea.
His mother opened the now famous Company Shed in the late 80s, and coupled with his father owning one of the most prestigious oyster growing businesses in England, Tom found it only natural to have a passion for the best seafood. With decades of experience learning all of the fishy trade, Tom has become an accomplished chef running pop-up restaurants, helping his dad at Borough Market and providing a personal chef experience at private dinner parties. He was once the Manager at Auckland Seafood Market in New Zealand.

Tom cares about the journey his food has from sea to plate. If his food isn’t local, then it will still always be ethically sourced. 

An all together nice bloke. Tom loves to entertain, cook and ‘show off’ his love for seafood.
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Where Tom has Come From:

Tom’s family have generations of history cultivating oysters on the North Essex Coast, since the 1700s, in fact. Tom’s father, Richard, is the seventh generation oysterman, making Tom proud to be the eighth. The oysters Tom’s family produce are sold throughout the UK and internationally. They also have a stand at the world-famous Borough Market, giving thousands of people the pleasure of guzzling this wonderful mollusc.  
Tom has grown up learning and working with his father and is keen about carrying on the baton of an industry which is about respecting nature, working with nature and appreciating the wonderful product of nature.

Tom’s mother, Heather, opened the renowned The Company Shed in the 1980s primarily as fishmongers, selling fresh fish from local fishermen. As time marched on, the business expanded into what is now a famous seafood restaurant, serving fresh, wonderful seafood in a no-nonsense, rustic setting. Tom has spent many years working at The Shed keen to serve people with the highest quality seafood. With over twenty years of experience, Tom has managed restaurants in England and New Zealand, hosts private dinner parties as the client’s own personal chef, creates pop-up restaurant evenings and is continually trying to expand his knowledge and love for food and giving people a truly wonderful dining experience. He’s awesome!


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